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  • Foto di Laghi Tailly

Difficoltà tecnica   Medio

Tempo  4 ore 7 minuti

Coordinate 2166

Uploaded 5 settembre 2010

Recorded agosto 2010

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2.443 m
1.140 m
7,81 km

Visto 4406 volte, scaricato 42 volte

vicino Alagna Valsesia, Piemonte (Italia)

Itinerario che da Alagna Valsesia conduce ai Laghi Tailly.
Difficoltà: E.
Tempo di percorrenza: 3 - 3,5 h.

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  • Jetfire 6-gen-2015

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    Hi, I did this trail. Thanks AndreaPaco for posting it. I marked it as difficult because in the last 300-400m of ascent the trail is full of lose stones and is not well kept. Also I was carrying a 20kg backpack. Also one must be very careful if it rains as it becomes dangerous in certain parts.

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