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vicino Pecol, Trentino - Alto Adige (Italia)

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Passeggiata morbida, piacevole e spettacolare lungo il sentiero Viel de Pan. Dopo una breve salita iniziale al rifugio Fredarola (2400m) faremo un percorso orizzontale tra enormi prati erbosi, da cui godremo di una splendida vista sull'intero Ghiacciaio. Marmolada.

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  • Foto di LosK2delasKumbres

    LosK2delasKumbres 7-apr-2014

    Vistas impresionantes.

  • wimvgw 5-lug-2018

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    great trail, easy to do with kids after rather steep start. views are spectacular

  • brazzmonkey 16-ago-2018

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    Very very crowded. Views are nice but not breathtaking.
    My advice: be brave and use the path that follows the ridge line. It's steep to get there, but the views are much better and there are very few people up there.
    Also look for marmots, as there seems to be several warrens with family on the sunny slopes.

  • Foto di Alex Supertramp

    Alex Supertramp 2-set-2018

    The experience i had when i walked this route too many years ago was warm and intimate. I remembered as a route with few people, so it was comfortable. Nevertheless, the alternative you share is also meaningful, it's ok. I think the views in both routes are incredible. You have a great panoramic of Marmolada summit, the highest peak of italian dolomitas. Thanks for the contributions ;)

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