Tempo  6 ore 52 minuti

Coordinate 2239

Caricato 2 gennaio 2016

Recorded gennaio 2016

1.566 m
1.384 m
24,45 km

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vicino La Lobera, Jalisco (Mexico)

I have done the northern part of this loop before. But this was the first attempt to do the full circle. I have done this in counter-clockwise direction and now think that may be opposite direction would be better. At least you will have opportunity to bath in the refreshing creek after the long trail.
Pristine clear water running from the well 100m up along the creek. Dragonflies rest on the stones and pose for the shots. Thanks to water all year round the valley looks green, some flowers can be found.
Trail crosses the creek bed and climbs to the opposite rim from which you can see far around. There are some interesting stone formations.
At this point look at the pine trees. Many of them are used by woodpeckers to store acorns.
Viewpoint 2
I took left at the fork though the alternative (right) road will probably lead to the same point. To this point the road goes on the top of the plate with some pine trees. I took left because it led to the oak forest. This time of the year you can see old dry leaves together with new tender ones covered with fluff.
Viewpoint 3
Viewpoint 4
Crossing small creek with clear water. Not deep enough to soak yourself completely but still good for refreshment.
Small nursery of pine trees that rangers plant in the forest here and there.
The road makes loop while climbing up. You can save some efforts making the shortcut using the trail
Another good viewpoint with panoramic view. I stayed there for sunset. On the way back in darkness missed the turn and went some excessive 2 km until realized that I am on the wrong path.


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