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vicino a Gembrook North, Victoria (Australia)

Kirth Kiln 18.5 klm loop.
This is a varied trail with a good mix of bush, footpaths and some gravel road. It should be noted though that it does cross through the bottom of a vinyard which on exiting was clearly signed private property no tresspassing.

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  • Foto di Leah_Smith

    Leah_Smith 1-mag-2019

    Ho seguito questo percorso  verificato  Vedi altro

    The trail notes need to mention that this trail involves trespassing on private property (the bottom the vineyard). People need to be aware of this BEFORE they set out following this trail as not everyone will be comfortable doing this.
    Apart from that, easy to follow trail and good mix of walking trail and roads.

  • roger.munday 5-mag-2019

    Thank you Leah for commenting, you are right I will add a note accordingly.

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