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vicino a Scheelite, California (United States)

The scenery at Granite Park, which is the mostly barren, treeless basin below the Italy pass, is exceptionally beautiful. I would say Granite Park is in the top 10 of the most beautiful places in the Sierras.

Be ready to hike up a lot of uphill to reach the Italy Pass, especially at the beginning of the trail, from Pine Creek to Pine Lake. Also, there are a few sections where it's easy to lose the trail. But if you have a general idea about where to go, then you can find the trail again. Also, once you get above Granite Park, the trail basically disappears until just below the Italy Pass.

Finally, if you want to really man up, you can probably hike up to Mount Julius Caesar as a long day hike. But you would probably want to start before dawn and treat this like a hike up Mt Whitney.


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