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vicino Cretaio, Campania (Italia)

ischia monte epomeo

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    BrianR 1-ago-2018

    We hiked from Ischia port to Forio beach the last weekend of June 2018.
    Let's say it wasn't the best hike I ever done.

    Signs are not so clear nor visible.
    There are many paths going here and there in the forest and some are blocked.
    Vegetation is quite prominent, lots of bushes... which at time make it difficult to go through.
    I think the hiking paths are not so well took care of by the Island administration services.

    At the end it took us much more time than we thought because we got lost many time or had difficult to go through even though we were using the GPS.
    Also, you don't have a view most of the way to the summit. The view is fully covered by a nothing-special forest.
    Only maybe the last twenty minutes - when you arrive at the top - out of a 3h walk is rewarding and incredible !

    I would recommend either only :
    - back and forth Forrio-Epomeo - if you really want to hike, it's a bit shorter and nicer way
    - drop the car around Migliaccia and walk a couple of kilometers to the top.

    Good thing : there is a cafe/restaurant at the top :)

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