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vicino a Īnjār, East Azerbaijan (Iran)

Kaleybar-Horand is the paradise of azerbaijan just located in the north west of Iran inside arasbaran areas. This area protected by UNESCO. Ainali chichakli are other atractions near kaleybar.

Arasbārān, is a large mountainous area stretching from the Qūshā Dāgh massif, south of Ahar, to the Aras River in East Azerbaijan Province of Iran. The region is confined to Aras River in the north, Meshgin Shahr County and Moghan in the east, Sarab County in the south, and Tabriz and Marand counties in the west. Since 1976, UNESCO has registered 72,460 hectares of the region, confined to 38°40' to 39°08'N and 46°39' to 47°02'E, as biosphere reserve with the following general description, This biosphere reserve situated in the north of Iran at the border to Armenia and Azerbaijan belongs to the Caucasus Iranian Highlands. In-between the Caspian, Caucasus and Mediterranean region, the area covers mountains up to 2,200 meters, high alpine meadows, semi-arid steppes, rangelands and forests, rivers and springs. Arasbaran is the territory of about 23,500 nomads who are mainly living in the buffer and transition zones (2000). Economic activities in the biosphere reserve are mainly agriculture, animal husbandry, horticulture, apiculture, handicrafts and tourism, but business activities can also be found in urbanized areas.

Kaleybar, formerly known as bedh, was the stronghold of Babak Khorramdin who, in 816 AD, revolted against Islamic Caliphate and was defeated in 836 AD.

کلیبر مامن مردی از تبار ایرانیان بنام بابک خرمدبن علیه خلیفه مسلمین و کشته شده بسال 836 میلادی

Arasbaran was one of the epicenters of Persian Constitutional Revolution. Arasbaran tribes were heavily involved in armed conflicts; the revolutionary and ati-revolutionary camps were headed, respectively, by Sattar Khan and Rahimkhan Chalabianloo, both from Qaradağ region. When in 1925 Rezā Shāh deposed Ahmad Shah Qajar and founded the Pahlavi dynasty, Arasbaran's gradual decline started. The new king insisting on ethnic nationalism and cultural, implemented policy of cultural assimilation. He renamed Qaradağ as Arasbaran to deny the Turkic identity of the inhabitants.

تصمیم کور رضاشاه مبنی بر تغییر نام قره داغ به ارسباران برای انکار هویت ترکی ساکنین این ناحیه کهن

Arasbaran is home to 215 species of birds, notably Caucasian Black Grouse, Grey Partridge, Black Francolin, and Common Pheasant, 29 species of reptiles, 48 species of mammals, notably wild Goat, wild Boar, Brown Bear, Wolf, Lynx, and Leopard, and 17 species of fish. There is an effort going on to revitalize the extinct sub-species of Caspian red deer local to the area. The local flora include Hornbeam, Sumac, and Berberis.A unique characteristic of Arasbaran forests is the ubiquity of edible wild trees. For instance, a patch of forest between Aghaweye (آغویه) and Oskolou ( اسکلو) includes hazelnut (فندق) trees. The large walnut and Cornus mas trees, wildly grown alongside water-streams, provide an important income source for inhabitants. More exotic plant species, such as Redcurrant, Truffle and herbs with application in Traditional medicine significantly add to the ecological importance of Arasbaran region.

A recent study has indicated that three sites have the highest potential for ecotourism. These sites, which are located alongside the road connecting Kaleybar to Asheqlu (عاشقلو)(Abbasabad-Aynaloo-Vayqan direction), include Makidi valley (دره مکیدی), Aynali forests (جنگل آینالی)and Babak Castle( قلعه بابک). There are, however, more unexplored touristic potentials. One example is a holy mountain (کوه مقدس) located at the coordinate (38°55'16.64"N,46°47'24.62"E). Most inhabitants of the now abandoned village, Garmanab, were Izadis, the followers Yârsân religion. They used to slaughter sacrificial animals in the site, which is located at the slopes of a hill. Nobody bothered to ask the reasons behind the holiness of the site. However, the pleasures of an occasional feast was so tempting that the followers of the Shia' sect attended the holy site, too. Nowadays there is few worshipers and the centuries long tradition are almost forgotten. The revival of these rituals may attract cultural visitors.

Another potential touristic attraction is the summer camps (ییلاق)of semi-settled Tribes of Arasbaran, known as Ilat, who spend the 5 months of year in uplands for grazing their livestock. A tourist, while enjoying the fresh thin air of mountains, may get a chance to observe the age-long traditional living styles of locals. Some of the attractive sites Aliabad mountains (کوههای علی آباد), meadows above Shojaabad(چمنزازهای شجاع آباد), East Azerbaijan village, and Chaparli and Aqdash summer quarters, all located in a driving driving distance from Kaleybar.

Numerous hot springs, scattered all over the region, have been considered as attractions for promoting tourism. One example is Motaalleq Hot spring (آبگرم موتالی)therapeutic facility, which is the largest of its kind in Iran. The facility, with an area of 12870 m2 includes bathing areas, coffee-shop, restaurants, prayer room, and gymnasium.

In recent years, the local government has organized Zoğal festivals in Kaleybar as a means of promoting tourism. In addition, every year, in the second half of October, a Pomegranate Festival is organized in by the provincial authorities in Mardanaqom village. The main program of the festival is performance of Ashugh music ( جشنواره موسیقی عاشق ).

This week our tracking was injar valley and nearest summit tracking.
this tracking done with 24 members of group via leading of me on November 21 , of 2014 in a nice and cloudy day.

For getting area you need take Ahar-kalybar road then turn right to horand way and just after pashto castle cross just 10 kilometers before horand turn to injar and after 10 kilometers you will arrive injar village as a start point of tracking.

Take river to west and turn left and go up to find a narrow way to west in the left of river, during tracking the river is close and in your right, then after 3.5 kilometers you will find a nice area with ......waypoint 5, after visiting come back and turn right and try to hiking to get summit, the way is moderate and you need 3-4 hours to get summit.

مسیر این هفته جنگل پیمایی در دره جنوب غربی روستای اینجار بود که قبلا نیز این مسیر در سال 93 پیموده شده بود البته در صورت تمایل میتوان این دره را با ادامه به غرب به کوههای مجاور روستای نیق رساند

گزارش برنامه بزبان اقای مشک ابادی

کو هنوردان با مشاهده مناظر کوهها و رودها و چشمه ها طلوع خورشید و ابر سفید روح خود را از تنشهای زندگی خالی می کند و آثار قدرت و عظمت خالق یکتا را با تمام وجود حس می کند روستای اینجار در 55 کیلومتری شهرستان اهر واقع شده و طبیعت بکر آن یکی از خلقت های بی نظیر خداوند است که در دل رشته کوههای هشتسر قرار گرفته است اعضای باشگاه کوهنوردی آذربایجان روز جمعه 96/7/21 با تعدا 54 نفر شامل سه دستگاه مینی بوس اویکو پس از صرف صبحانه در پارک شهرستان زیبای اهر رهسپار روستای اینجار بهشت گمشده ارسباران شدند قبل از رسیدن کوهنوردان به این روستا باران رحمت الهی همه جا را سیراب کرده بود و و زیبائی و طراوت خاصی به منطقه داده بود کوهنوردان پس ازپنج ساعت گشت و گذار در هوای ابری و پیمودن حدود ده کیلو متر به روستا برگشته پس از ادای نماز و استراحت کوتاه به منازل خود مراجعت نمودند
در پایان صمیمانه ترین تشکرات قلبی خود را نثار همنوردی چون آقای مهندس نجات مسئول برنامه داشته باشیم زیرا تمام توان خود را در جهت اجرای هرچه بهتر بودن این برنامه مبذول کردند که برای همنوردان یکی از خاطره انگیز ترین و پر بار ترین برنامه های باشگاه بود همه شما را به خدای یکتا می سپاریم موفق و پیروز باشید

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برای مشاهده گزارش فارسی برنامه توسط آقای مشک آبادی عبارت زیر را کلیک کنید

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