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Caricato 1 agosto 2018

Recorded luglio 2018

2.277 m
887 m
54,0 km

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vicino Seewiesen, Styria (Austria)

A complete four-day circular hike of Hochschwab massif starting and finishing at Seeberg Saddle, its easternmost part. We stayed at the mountain huts for a night but camping is generally allowed in the area (in case of camping bear in mind though that the water sources are quite rare there as it's a limestone massif).

Hochschwab is a mountain range in the Northern Limestone Alps of Austrian "Bundesland" of Styria (Steiermark). A central part of the massif is an extensive limestone plateau offering stunning alpine outdoors which can rival the other (more popular and much more crowded) alpine limestone mountain ranges of Slovenia or Italy.

Technically speaking the trek is quite easy (alpine hiking with occasional scramble) but it's definitely more difficult than it might seem at first glance. That's why, given the overall 3000+ elevation gain, I list it as difficult.

Seeleiten, 1734 m ASL
One of the very few reliable water sources within the whole area of Hochschschwab massif.
Hochschwab, 2277 m ASL
An emergency shelter for up to four people.
Zagelkogel, 2255 m ASL
Zinken, 1926 m ASL
One and only lake within the whole area is an excellent bathing spot during high summer (provided that you don't mind the thick layer of organic matter on the bottom oozing thick hydrogen sulphite odour anytime you step into it).
There's a hotel with restaurant as well as a museum of Hochschwab. The spot is accessible by car. https://www.der-bodenbauer.at/
A water well beneath the lower end of G'hackte secured route.
A roadside mountain hotel with restaurant.


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