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vicino a Nishitari, Ibaraki (Japan)

Visited in January, 2017. Our hosts said if we came a month or so earlier the autumn leaves would be out, and if we came a month or so later, the forest trees would be in bloom. It's located around half way between Tokyo and Fukushima, our hosts indicated no concerns about proximity to the current Fukushima site.

The track length includes the turn-off from the main highway in the valley bottom, and the climb to the bridge parking lot.

This track is only a small (easy) part of an extensive prepared trail network through volcanic hill terrain and the river valley. I've ranked the track as "moderate" assuming many visitors will find time to hike a loop across the hilly terrain (we didn't have time on the day). This area is potentiality of great interest for geologists and earth scientists.

The bridge has an approximate 350-meter span. There is a shop with coffee and snacks at the parking area, at one end of the bridge. Summer bungee jumping from the bridge. A campground some kms to the west within the trail network.

Parking, South end of Bridge

Said to be a location that brings good fortune. Bungee jumping from bridge in summer months.

On the Bridge

Attached photos crossing the bridge

Footpath down to river gorge

Start of the footpath decent into the river gorge. Shaded areas covered with untracked snow from the previous day. The steep sections have staircases with hand rails.

Geological point of interest

A volcanic breccia, formed under the sea 1.5 million years ago. The park is of interest to geologists and has geological stops with information posted along the path.

Parking lot, washrooms, giftshop, snacks, coffee


Start of hill climb

On road below parking, a steep switchback road climbs to the parking lot at the bridge.


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