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vicino Jacobsen (historical), California (United States)

This trail follows the east shore of Hell Hole Reservoir in Placer County California, Eldorado National Forest. It leads to a campground that is typically a "boat in" destination. From there the fades quite a bit. The quad map shows that the trail hugs close to the lake shore while leading to a second developed campsite and beyond towards the Rubicon River. The map indicates that one can follow this trail into the Granite Chief Wilderness Area. The trail I followed after the campsite leads to a more secluded site with no amenities, and then just ends shortly thereafter. The Hell Hole Trail is pretty hiking over granite and in and out of old growth mixed coniferous forests. There are plenty of water pumping opportunities along the way and a small waterfall. Although the trail has a few fallen trees across it, and many branches need to be lopped, the trail is easy to follow. The trail is open to hikers and horses. No motorized vehicles are permitted on this trail. A jeep trail is open to vehicles on the west shore of the reservoir.

Trail head

Hell hole trail head


Parking and gate to dam


Developed camp with outhouses, grills, and picnic tables. Seldom used.


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