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vicino a Supai, Arizona (United States)

The journey from the trailhead to Beaver Falls drops 850m (2800ft) over a distance of 24km (15mi) while passing through a deep narrow canyon with lush vegetation along Havasu Creek which plunges a half dozen times forming spectacular waterfalls on way to the Colorado River. Hiking times vary however on average allow 4-6 hours for the trek in and 5-7 hours for the more difficult hike out.

Limited registration is available through the Havasupai Tribe who has generously opened their land to the public. This is truly an amazing adventure but please show your respect by Leaving No Trace.

Thank you Havasupai.

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50 Foot Falls

The first magnificent waterfall encounter on the route in is a segmented waterfall which cascades down a rock face forming a relatively shallow pool at its base. Makes an ideal spot to cool off before heading to the campground.

Beaver Falls

Words cannot describe the oasis around this multi step waterfall located at the north end of Havasupai Falls Trail. An abundance of turquoise swimming holes invite you to relax and explore. Located 10km (6mi) downstream from Mooney Falls the trek through the canyon is an awe inspiring adventure in itself.

Havasupai Campground

16km or 10mi gets you to the campground where campsites are randomly spread a few hundred yards along either side of Havasu Creek. Clean outhouses and fresh spring water are available while tribes people serve up a number of great recipes on fry bread. The campground is also strategically placed between Havasu Falls at the south end and Mooney Falls at the north.

Havasu Falls

The most popular waterfall along Havasupai Falls Trail plunges 100' or 30m over a limestone laden cliff face. Located about a mile and half beyond Supai Village this magnificent waterfall is a stunning surprise as you round the corner on way to the campground.

Lower Navajo Falls (Rock Falls)

The second major waterfall encounter when hiking in on the Havasupai Falls Trail is located just a short distance downstream from 50 Foot Falls. Somewhat in shape of a horseshoe Little Navajo Falls a.k.a Rock Falls forms a pristine turquoise plunge pool at its base. Yet another refreshing swimming hole.

Mooney Falls

Named after James Mooney a mining prospector from back in the day Mooney Falls drops 200' (60m) over a limestone laden cliff face forming a beautiful turquoise plunge pool at its base. To reach the base of the falls and to carry on downstream along Havasupai Falls Trail one must venture down at their own risk through a series of chains and tunnels not recommended for the faint of heart.
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Supai Village

Distance from Hilltop trailhead to the village of Supai is 13km or 8mi through a beautiful weathered canyon. You will see the registration office, lodge, post office, helicopter pad and other amenities as you pass through town on way to the campground located a mile and a half further down the trail.

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  • Kathleen Palacios 20-lug-2020

    Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing your photos. I certainly hope to follow your steps in the future!

  • Foto di Waterfallin

    Waterfallin 20-lug-2020

    Glad you enjoyed the photos Kathleen. Hope you get the chance to do Havasupai some day, of all my adventures this was my favourite. Good luck.

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