Tempo in movimento  4 ore 17 minuti

Tempo  9 ore 2 minuti

Coordinate 3447

Caricato 14 ottobre 2018

Recorded ottobre 2018

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1.872 m
732 m
20,51 km

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vicino Mŏngmuul, Jeju-do (South Korea)

9 hours trek to Hallasan and return; Jeju Do, South Korea

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  • Donol Lo 14-ott-2018

    It was ascend and descend trek. The cell phone ran out of battery after reaching the top, and later recharged during the descend.

  • Foto di javitodepinypon

    javitodepinypon 2-nov-2018

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Si sabes subir escaleras, esta ruta es muy fácil. Complicación cero. Lo único difícil es esquivar las hordas de chinos y koreanos.

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