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Caricato 5 agosto 2018

Recorded agosto 2018

876 m
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vicino Brodick, Scotland (United Kingdom)

Start from the co-op. Load up on water and food here for the hike. Travel along the coastal path to the castle. The trail up to Goatfell is well marked and popular. It is a moderate climb with a boulder scramble at the top. Exit the top of Goatfell to the north. This section is over a rocky path scattered with boulders. The views on a clear day are amazing on both sides. Ascend North Goatfell by a steep zig zag path and pay attention to the path at the top as both sides are steep to come down the Saddle. There are some steep parts of the descent and some rock scrambling. This path is not as popular. We only saw one other hiker. You will descend to a path that travels north/south. We chose to return to Brodick, but you could turn north and follow the path to Sannox. The descent here evens out and follows beside Glen Rosa Water to the road that leads back to town.
Looking back as we ascend Goatfell
The path down to North Goatfell
Looking down at Glen Rosa
Lookin north to Scotland and the outer islands
Down to The Saddle
Walking down to Glen Rosa Water


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