Tempo  3 ore 25 minuti

Coordinate 1523

Caricato 8 dicembre 2018

Recorded dicembre 2018

39 m
11 m
13,81 km

Visto 59 volte, scaricato 8 volte

vicino Nieuw-Reemst, Gelderland (Nederland)

We followed the track of Trage Tocht Mossel and Hindekamp as displayed on www.wandelzoekpagina.nl and noticed that it partially follows the signs of Klompenpad Kreelsepad. Here you can find more information about this track: https://klompenpaden.nl/klompenpad/kreelsepad/
Towards the very end of our walk, it appeared that near the parking space this actually is the starting point for this 14 km "klompenpad" walk.

Having done a number of "klompenpaden", it acually is less of a "klompenpad" than the usual ones. This track crosses heathlands, moorland and sand drifts as well as forests.

All in all, a very rewarding walk with various landscapes to cross.

Note that the track is partially on military exercise grounds. A minor part of the walk is along broad and sandy tracks which are apparently used by military vehicles. During our walk we were surprised by helicopters flying overhead transporting all kinds of equipment.
Nice play area for children in Mossel.
Here is the start and display of Klompenpad Kreelsepad.


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