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Coordinate 1891

Caricato 10 ottobre 2016

Recorded agosto 2016

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936 m
25,08 km

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vicino Techendorf, Carinthia (Austria)

This track takes you from the village of Gatschach near the western end of the Weissensee all the way to Dolomitenblick at the east end, by boat back to Techendorf, and then on foot back to Gatschach. Great walk along the beautifully clear and impressive Weissensee. The return by boat from Dolomitenblick to Techendorf takes approximately 70 minutes and costs 7 € (2016 fare). There are two shipowners: http://www.weissenseeschifffahrt.at/ and http://www.schifffahrt-mueller.at, both using the same jetties, and sailing intermittently about 3 times every 2 hours. The track is easy and largely suited for everybody, but there is a short stretch of trail past Kleine Steinwand which is steeper on a narrow track with tree roots and requires caution (a sign here warns that it is only suited for experienced hikers).
The walk starts in Gatschach at the lodge where we were staying and goes up to track nr. 1 along track 1d. Track 1 takes you along the entire lake to Gasthof Dolomitenblick. On track 1d you encounter a display of animal skulls. You walk through the wood with occasional views across the lake and the villages on the lake. You continue all the way along the lake to Neusach. Above this village you cross the Mühlbach, continue a bit further through the woods and then descend to the lake. You get to a gravel road on the lake and continue to Ronacherfels, a hotel with restaurant and bar on the lake. Here the gravel road stops, and a hiking trail along the lake starts taking you to Kleine Steinwand with only 1 minor ascend. At Kleine Steinwand is a ferry jetty and directly after a more difficult stretch starts which takes you to about 60 m up from the lake. From here you start to see Dolomitenblick at the end of the lake. You descend to the lake again and walk level with the lake to the eastern end. Past the eastern end you take a path across a camp site and across the Weissenbach (the lake overflows into this stream) to Gasthof Dolomitenblick. Here you can rest your legs and then take a ferry back to Techendorf. This ferry docks at Kleine Steinwand, Paterzipf, Ronacherfels, Naggl, Neusach-Seefriede, Neusach-Neusacherhof and finally the bridge across the lake in Techendorf. Here you disembark and take the Seepromenade along the lake back to the starting point.
You can find something to eat and drink on the track near the start, at Ronacherfels, Gasthof Dolomitenblick and Techendorf near the bridge.
Nice viewpoint above Neusach.
Gasthof Dolomitenblick has a restaurant and is the end point of the ferry across the Weissensee.
Here you get to the east end of the lake. A path takes you across a campsite to the Weissenbach
Here the trail gets down to a gravel road on the lake which takes you to Ronacherfels.
This is a ferry station. Near here starts the most difficult stretch of the route with warning signs for inexperienced hikers.
You cross a bridge here across the Mühlbach
This is a ferry station.
This is a ferry station
This is a ferry station.
Ferry station.
There is a restaurant and a hotel here, as well as a ferry stop.
Here the Seepromenade starts, a hiking trail along the Weissensee coast from Techendorf to Oberdorf
This is the startpoint of most of the ferry crossings across the Weißensee
Here the trail 1 which has taken you above the villages on the lake starts to descend to the lake.
Here starts the more difficult stretch of this hike: a trail along a steep slope. It is only a short while however, before you are back to lake level..
Just beyong Ronacherfels starts a track on the lake
Here you enter trail 1, a broad forest road above the villages parallel to the lake.
Here you go up the hill from the road towards trail 1.
Viewpoint above Techendorf
The Weißenbach is the overflow from the Weißensee.


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