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vicino Jacobsen (historical), California (United States)

Francis Lake is close to the very popular Loon Lake which is much, much larger. Sometimes one wants to just get away from the boats, and people around Loon Lake, but you may not want to go all the way to the wilderness areas which can be kind of a hike. Francis lake is nearby. There is really no official trail for Francis Lake, but the route is direct enough. There are a few camping spaces on the ridge above the lake, although there is no water up there and it can be windy, but beautiful views are worth it. The hike down to Francis lake is along rocks and it can be very slippery if wet. Take care to only step on hard surfaces so as not to destroy the fragile vegetation and cryptobiotic soil. Hikers only here. No horses, mountain bikes, or motorized vehicles are allowed at Francis Lake. Nice and quiet.


trail head and parking

Francis Lake

No fish are in Francis lake, only polywogs


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