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vicino a Başara, Eskişehir (Türkiye)

The first part of the trail takes you through the forest and is mostly uphill. As the trail is not always clearly visible, make sure you keep an eye on the trail on the GPS.

Please be mindful of shepherd dogs as you're likely to see a few, particularly on this part of the trail. A firm wooden stick to keep them at bay is highly recommended.

After the hills and the forest you pass through Muratkoru, a small village, continuing to Eskigomu and eventually Gomu.

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Achmed Kalkmaz

Achmed lives in Basara and was a shepherd. He is , very helpfull and gives very trustfull advices. He knows the forest and the mountains very well. You can use a firm wooden stick to frighten the dogs.
Passo di montagna

Basara - Muratkoru

Take care of the dogs in the hills. There is always a helpfull shepherd.

Road to Gomu

You meet some simple houses along the road and the snowed mountains, but Gomu is the place with sleepingfacilities.

Road to Gomu

The road is like a wave towards the snowy mountains

Baskan Tekin of Gomu

At the townhall you can find the Baskan or down at the entrance of the townhall in the teashop. Gomu has everything you need and the Baskan will help you. You can sleep, eat, buy food and can get all kind of information.
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Mosque Gomu

Gomu is located on a busy road junction. It cuts this place in two parts. You have to cross the road (take care of the traffic) to arrive at the townhall and this beautiful mosque.


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