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vicino a Seyitgazi, Eskişehir (Türkiye)

The track starts at the museum in Seyitghazi and continues to the monastery complex (on top of a hill).
After a visit to the monastery, the path goes to Orencik. From there, the lovely path is curling through the hills and shows panoramic views. From Orencik there is a path to Saricailias via Sancar, but due aggressive dogs it's better to avoid it. On advance of the local villagers, the indicated track avoids that road and takes a more quiet road.
Saricailya is a pretty village with a central pond and nice and hospital people.
Muhtar Salih Er, Imam Ibrahim Caniglur

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From above at the Monastery you can admire the town Seyitghazi.
Religinė architektūra

Seyyid Battal Gazi

The mosque and mausoleum "Seyyid Battal Gazi Kulliyesi" provided also a food for poor people. It was built in 1207-1208. During the Ottoman Empire about 1517 a Koranic school was added.

between Seyitghazi and Orencik

After a dry area suddely there are fresh green waves to the village Orencik.
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Saricailias Koyu

The Muhtar Salh Er was very hospital. In this community house I was allowed to sleep.


The pond in the center of the village.

Muhtar and family

It was a great time in this village. Keram his son from 6 years old was watchng the cows and walked with the herd to the pond. It was amazing to me. Next year he wil go to school


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