698 m
367 m
5,96 km

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vicino Stilo, Calabria (Italia)

dénivelés +/-350 mètres
un ou deux passages un peu délicats dans la montée

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    Visit to the small Byzantine church Cattolica di Stilo is €3 pp. The path to the Castello starts out relatively ok but is badly maintained (or not at all) and soon turns into a steep, difficult to climb path covered with loose rocks and gravel. The wooden railing along the track is collapsed in many places and the last part to the top of the mountain there is no path at all any more really. The way down is a little bit easier to walk and halfway down turn to a normal gravel road. We skipped the last 1.5km by taking a shortcut back to start of the mountain trail instead of following the easier but much longer road. The view from the castello was gorgeous but the hike was way more challenging than we anticipated.

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