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Coordinate 645

Caricato 9 luglio 2016

Recorded luglio 2016

26 m
-1 m
8,4 km

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vicino Kievietsduin, Zuid-Holland (Nederland)

Circular walk through the dune area of Meijendel. The track goes up and down, taking a variety of paths and includes some highlights such as some birdspotting spots (behind an observation panel) and viewpoints on top of the dunes.
This is how the Meijendel area is promoted:
"Meijendel is a stunning nature reserve located between The Hague and Wassenaar. It attracts nature lovers all year round. The dunes of Meijendel are characterised by dynamic water landscapes, pine forests and hundreds of bird species. Meijendel is home to rabbits, foxes, weasels and deer. Meijendel is the perfect environment for long walks and bicycle trips. "
From the car park the trail goes north. If you'd like to avoid ending the track ploughing through the sandy soil of the open dunes, you may prefer taking this route the other way round.
At the visitors centre in the heart of Meijendel Valley you can get more information on the area. The centre also serves as the starting point for the excursions that are regularly organised by the Dunea water company.
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