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Tempo  2 ore 35 minuti

Coordinate 880

Caricato 3 novembre 2014

Registrato novembre 2014

2.073 m
1.864 m
7,04 km

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vicino a Boca de la Cañada, Guanajuato (Mexico)

The Don Gussin Loop is one of many beautiful hikes in the Canada de la Virgen. This hike starts in the pueblito of Boca de la Canada. After passing the small village church the trail climbs to the rim of the canyon. We walk along the ridge to the Don Gussin cairn. Don Gussin was a member of the SMA Sunday Hiking group who died several years ago. His family brought some of his ashes to this beautiful spot on a ridge with deep canyons on both sides. The location of his ashes is marked by a small pile of rocks that would probably be overlooked by anyone except those who know what they are looking for.

From the cairn the trail continues on and winds around the canyon to the left. then turns back into the canyon. The trail winds down the main arm of the canyon to the stream that leads back to Boca de la Canada and the end point of this loop hike.


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