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Caricato 24 giugno 2015

Recorded giugno 2015

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vicino Cogne, Valle d’Aosta (Italia)

Arribada a Cogne, al parking de davant del cementiri. Cent metres més endavant, els parkings ja són de pagament.
Ruta fàcil, amb pendent només entre Cogne i Valnontey. A partir d'aquí, ascens molt suau fins a prop del circ del Gran Paradiso. Camí molt ben senyalitzat i planer, on es poden veure cabres salvatges, entre d'altres. Tornant, parada a dinar a Valnontey, al restaurant Valnontey, molt bo, i tornada cap al cotxe. Les 5 hores que posa el track són amb parades i dinar inclòs
Google translator Catalan-English:
Arrival in Cogne, in the parking lot in front of the cemetery. One hundred meters later, the car parks are already paid.
Easy route, with only pending between Cogne and Valnontey. From there, gentle climb to near the circus of Gran Paradiso. Well signposted path plain where you can see mountain goats, among others. Returning stop for lunch at Valnontey, restaurant Valnontey, very good, and back to the car. 5 hours putting the track stops and lunch are included

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    debra beaupeurt 26-apr-2016

    Sorry to bother again, may I please have trail information in English. thank you

  • llebra2 26-apr-2016

    sorry debra, but I have no enough level in english to do this... try google translator catalan- english... I'm in a hurry now.

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    thank you, I will

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    It's done, Debra!

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    debra beaupeurt 28-apr-2016

    thank you very much for all the trouble you went to, I really appreciate your help. Thanks also for a great informative site. Just wish I could buy a map of hiking trails for the aosta valley and lavagna to genoa region, but I love your site for the information that you provide.

  • hedebo 25-ago-2018

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    Nice Walk allso for beginnerd

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