Tempo  6 ore 10 minuti

Coordinate 2183

Caricato 18 ottobre 2014

Recorded ottobre 2014

98 m
9 m
32,39 km

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vicino Motherwell, Scotland (United Kingdom)

I took the train from SECC to Motherwell, runs every 20 minutes or so and takes around 30 minutes.
I marked with a waypoint where sections 1 and 2 meet. Doing both at once is a bit tiring, but doable.
There are a couple of heavy traffic road crossing nearby Motherwell and I had to move away from the standard path due to road works. Other than that, an easy walk. More green areas and paths on the second section (Motherwell).

1 and 2 meet

You can cross or see this bridge where sections 1 and 2 meet


    You can or this trail