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vicino Bonansa, Aragón (España)

This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful panoramic walks that we have ever made.

We started our walk from Bonansa itself, but another easily accessible starting point is the Alto Bonansa, a few kilometres further up on the road coming from El Pont de Suert via the N 230 and the A-1605.

On the Alto Bonansa there is a lot of parking space and it is also a starting point for other walks, among which a 450 metres long path especially made for people who walk with difficulty that leads to a beautiful ‘mirador’, viewpoint.

Even if you start in Bonansa itself, this mirador is well worth visiting.

We would advise everyone who is going to do this walk to do it
slowly and make the most of your time, absorbing all the beauty you see.

We found the idea fort his walk on the website for tourism in Aragon: http://senderos.turismodearagon.com/ and specifically http://senderos.turismoribagorza.org/ficha.php?id_ruta=178 and, as you will see when you visit the website, there are many more jewels to choose from.

From the very beginning of this walk you will get splendid panoramic views and the paths/tracks are very well signposted and all of them very comfortable to walk on.
Most of the ‘ermitas’ are closed, unfortunately, but they are all situated on lovely places.

The ‘ermita’ San Salvador’, with its 1507 metres the highest point of the walk, has an enormous view, especially from the ‘mirador behind it.

Another advantage to his walk are the information panels that show you the names of the mountain peaks and villages that you see.

After the San Salvador you will walk back a little way and then stay more or less at the same height for a while in open country walking south and you will see the Turbón in all its splendour, although it does not stand alone so massively as when you see it from the south.

Another absolute beautiful view during this walk is the view on the village of Alins, that you will see from the next ‘ermita’, Santa Llusia, and during the following part of the walk.

From now on the walk gradually starts to descend to the road (the A-1605) until you reach the Alto Bonansa.

From the Alto Bonansa you can follow the track of the GR 15 to Bonansa and all the way tot this village you will have wonderful views.


Starting point of our walk.

Ruta Ermitas

Religinė architektūra

Sant Aventi


Mirador de San Salvador


Junction to Coll d'Espina

4,2 km to Coll d'Espina.

El mirador del Turbon


La roca de las Nueve Cadollas


Alto Bonansa


Mirador del Isabena

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    PAKITO CÓNSUL 19-giu-2019

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    Muy bonita la ruta.
    Y fácil de seguir, Saludos

    Salud & Piernas.!

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    DinkSmallwood 19-giu-2019

    I am glad that you liked it!

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