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Kew Mae Pan Nature Trail is a Natural Study trek on Doi Inthanon National Park.
This short trail, winding through pristine forest for about 3.2 kilometres, a 2-4 hour trek, allows the hiker to experience the natural beauty of the forest at first hand.

Getting truly experience by Trekking along Kew Mae Pan Nature Trail through the beautiful green forest, passing giant Rhododendrons, waterfalls and streams which leads to a cliff where you can enjoy breathtaking mountain views.

Kew Mae Pan Nature Trail is famous for its red rhododendrons, a rare sight elsewhere in the country, various species of birds, the goral and nature in its purest form.
The air was chilly when we visited there, ideal for a trek
The 3.2kms-long trail takes you through a forest teeming with biodiversity.
All 21 stations offer detailed explanations about the plants and ecosystems, whether it be ferns from ancient times, Himalayan flora species, dense cloud forest or grassland. where you can find 3 different type of forest start from the rain forest with full of moss and fern.
The first stage of Kew Mae Pan Nature Trail is rainforest full of moss and ferns, competing with growing towards sunlight. The evergreen forest is a watershed area because of its key role in trapping moisture in the cloud. The forest floor was littered with leaves and organic matter forming a dense layer that would take long to decompose because of the cold climate. This section of the forest was devoid of human activity and therefore in superb condition.
After passing through the thickest of the forest, you will enter into a large field, which changes color from green in rainy season to beautiful golden brown in the dry season. Thick misty fog floating right on the surface. If you take a close look, you will see animal trails.
One of the thing here called Ngam Noi, twin rocks on slope whit a small heart-shaped stone at the base.
When continue walking, you will see numerous numbers of big, beautiful ‘Thousand-year red roses’ (rhododendron trees) along the cliff, they bloom in the first month of the year and last until March of every year. This particular type of rose is well known and is a highlight of ‘Kew Mae Pan Nature Trail.

This was the area where the pathway is narrow between two slopes in the opposite direction. On the left was the slope falling into the forest where trees grow green, tall and strong. On your right, the mountain just drops into a plunging valley that merges into other valleys, creating a beautiful contour of blueish-green. The reason why this happens is that there is more sun, rain and moisture on one side whereas the other side just gets washed out to form a slope. It was slightly dangerous because if we weren’t warned about the forest slope on our left. Once you pass the check point, keep driving and you will see the Royal stupas on your left. Immediately after the stupas is Kew Mae Pan.
After that, you will be led back to the forest again. You are nearing the end of the trail when you pass a little podium built for visitors to sit and enjoy the music of the forest. That was in reference to the sounds of nature: subtle rustling of the leaves in the cold breeze, the chirping of birds in conversation, the lapping of the streams that breathe life and the voices of a million other creatures.

The trail open from beginning of Nov until the end of May each year.

There is a 200 baht entrance fee which pays for a local guide, which isn’t optional.

Go and back
Doi Inthanon National Park is Thailand’s highest mountain. The peak is about 110km from Chiang Mai, Drive on highway 108 and 1009. Once you pass the check point, keep driving and you will see the Royal stupas on your left. Immediately after the stupas is Kew Mae Pan Nature Trail. How to Getting there By local taxi or Red taxi By renting the Motorbike. By The best way to travel to Kew Mae Pan is making an agency tour from Chiang Mai

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Doi Inthanon Kew Mae Pan Nature Trail

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