1.473 m
305 m
16,64 km

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vicino Seixal, Madeira (Portugal)

Início no Chão da Ribeira
Subida para Lombo do Barbinhas
Madre da Levada do Seixal
Levada do Seixal
Subida para Lombo do Barbinhas
Levada do Norte
Madre da Levada do Norte
Casa do Lombo do Barbinhas
Paúl da Serra
Descida pela Terra Chã
Chão da Ribeira

Altitude mínima: 329m
Altitude máxima: 1470m

4 commenti

  • Foto di iris:-)madeira

    iris:-)madeira 12-mag-2015

    Olá Luisfreitas,
    gosto a tua caminhada(s).
    Muito obrigada

    Diese Strecke haben wir bisher in Teilen gemacht (We walked this trail in some parts):
    Vor ein paar Jahren (Some years ago):
    Aufstieg (Subida): Chao da Ribeira-Terra Chå- Paúl da Serra (getrampt bis/com carro) Fanal
    Abstieg (Descida):über Vereda da Cavaca- Chao da Ribeira
    2012(?)Paul da Serra - Lombo do Barbinhas- (Casa do Lombo)- Chåo da Ribeira-Seixal
    2014 Chåo da Ribeira- Lombo do Barbinhas- Levada do Seixal -(Ribeira da Hortelå)-Chao da Ribeira (Viveiro das trutas)
    Alles spannende Touren :-)
    Schwindelfreiheit, Trittsicherheit und eine gewisse Kondition ist erforderlich, aber alles war machbar (wir sind Urlaubswanderer und sonst eher unsportlich )
    Diese vereinende Runde mit der Madre der Norte müssen wir diesen Sommer noch machen.
    This returne trip (included Madre da Levada do Norte) we had to do these summer ;-)
    See you?

  • Foto di luisfreitas

    luisfreitas 13-mag-2015

    Hi iris,

    Thanks for your comment.
    This is indeed a very interesting area with lots of different trails that interconnect.
    There are also another trail that connects Chão da Ribeira and Fanal that you didn't mention: Caminho das Voltas.
    Madre da Levada do Norte is very beautiful! It is indeed a must do. There are some tunnels, so don't forget your torch.
    Viel Spass!
    Luís Freitas

  • Foto di sndrr

    sndrr 20-feb-2016

    I have followed this trail  View more

    The weather conditions were not so good (foggy, wet) and that made this trail really difficult, especially going down. We did this trail clockwise, that makes the going up bit somewhat easier to handle.

    The heather forest up the mountain is really special. That alone made the trip worthwhile. Too bad of the forest fires some years back, but they've replanted trees, so I suppose there will be a forest again soon. The trail is hard to follow here, but you can always follow the tractor road here, or the GPS trail.

    So: check the weather conditions, and if it isn't too slippery, you can go on. But bear in mind that you also have to go down on a steeper or similar path; we fell down/slipped a couple of times, and we're quite avid hikers.

  • alex.h 2-giu-2016

    I have followed this trail  View more

    We walked clockwise because we prefer climbing instead of descending on the "slippery" part. In the northern part, there is not much to see as the view is mostly obstructed by the trees and other vegetation. The beautiful part is the southern part, with lots of waterfalls and nice views.

    Unfortunately, the "madre da levada do norte" was inaccessible due to a landslide which rerouted the waterfall just outside of the last tunnel. The path is partially destroyed and looked too dangerous to pass.

    Most online maps don't have an accurate representation of the actual paths. The provided gpx file is pretty accurate but lacking altitudes.

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