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vicino West Bay, Nova Escòcia (Canada)

Cape Split is the name given to the headland located in Kings County along the Bay of Fundy coastline in Nova Scotia, Canada. Cape Split is a continuation of the North Mountain Range and is made of tholeiitic basalt. This cape separates the main part of the Bay of Fundy from the Minas Basin to the east.
Cape Split is approximately 4 miles (7km) long and its width varies from several dozen meters to several kilometers at places. Both sides of this headland end in cliffs that are heavily eroded and overlook the treacherous tidal currents of the Minas Channel caused by the mighty Bay of Fundy.
The entire headland was privately owned by a Nova Scotian family but was sold to the Government of the Province of Nova Scotia. It was then transformed into a Provincial Park that is managed by Parks Canada. The hiking trail that exists along Cape Split has existed for decades. This trail is very pristine and takes the average hiker approximately 2.5 hours one way from the trailhead at the end of Scots Bay Road to the tip of the headlands that projects into the Bay of Fundy. Most of the Cape is very heavily forested but the tip of the peninsula is a meadow.
Extreme caution must be taken along this trail. The cliffs are actively being eroded by the power of the tides of the Bay of Fundy. At some places the cliffs soar up to about 60m (200ft) above the rocky bay below and a fall can be fatal. There are several places along the trail where eroded paths exist. These are not trails but most actually lead to very steep edges with loose soil and rocks. It is therefore a good idea to stay on the established trail. On the peninsula there are very good views to be had from the grassy meadow when the area is not covered in fog.
From my personal experience, this trail is best done in the late summer or the early fall. This happens to be when I found the temperature and weather conditions to be most conducive to hiking. Because of its proximity to the mighty Bay of Fundy the weather is very unpredictable and very thick fog banks seem to come out of nowhere so pack accordingly... Also be aware of the hunters during the hunting season. Very brightly colored apparel is a good idea then...

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  • ruppertn 15-giu-2012

    very nice trail

  • Foto di Trini Hiker

    Trini Hiker 28-ago-2013

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    Very nice trail...

  • ruppertn 27-mag-2014

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    very nice trail

  • Allyson Crawford 2-mar-2017

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    Cape Split was a nice hike. There is not too much to see until you reach the point, but the point is spectacular.

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