• Foto di Canalicchio (Deruta)
  • Foto di Canalicchio (Deruta)
  • Foto di Canalicchio (Deruta)
  • Foto di Canalicchio (Deruta)

Tempo  3 ore 52 minuti

Coordinate 1009

Uploaded 2 maggio 2011

Recorded maggio 2011

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464 m
283 m
9,0 km

Visto 2051 volte, scaricato 48 volte

vicino Canalicchio, Umbria (Italia)

Bella passeggiata (fattibile anche in bici), con bei panorami da Perugia a Monte Peglia.

2 commenti

  • dkhnord 20-lug-2018

    Did a run on this route. The section from 1.8 miles to 2.6 miles is really bad with a lot of thorns and branches crossing the trail.
    I also passed a "private property, do not pass" sign and found to empty holsters from a riffle on the trail.

  • dkhnord 20-lug-2018

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Currently difficult to walk/ run ont the middle section (from 1.8 miles to 2.6miles).

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