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Tempo in movimento  3 ore

Tempo  4 ore 7 minuti

Coordinate 2596

Caricato 4 gennaio 2018

Recorded gennaio 2018

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177 m
69 m
15,04 km

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vicino Beale Air Force Base, California (United States)

Camp Far West

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  • Foto di MarcyB!

    MarcyB! 24-gen-2018

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    This isn't an "urban" hike, and its definitely not a "wilderness" hike, so I'm calling it a "country hike". This route definitely challenges your pulse as there are many ups'n'downs and we kept the pace a'movin' !

    Our weather was cloudy with a bit of retreating fog and our temp was in the mid-50's - thus making a most perfect day for a country hike. This definitely is a cool weather hike as there is absolutely no shade. (unless you invade somebody's private property!)

    Terrain was dirt roads with some chipseal areas. Very light traffic as it is all ranch homes out there and autos seem to give walkers a wide berth!

  • Foto di TwylaWorld

    TwylaWorld 24-gen-2018

    Also, there are sweeping views of the valley floor, the Sutter Buttes and on a clear day the Coastal Range.

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