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vicino a Vista Santa Rosa, California (United States)

A scenic mountain hike.

This hike is marked as easy, because it's easy to hike on.
But because of the climb and the length, it's actually a bit more difficult.

Hike on the dirt road.
Don't follow the trail markers (you can but it's a bit of a detour.), but keep on the "road" more along the walled, gated community.

The hiking is easy on the firm dirt road.
Follow the "road" for about 45 minutes.
At that point you find a large general hiking map, probably unreadable.
There is also a small trail guide box. (Most likely empty).

Hike up this wash and keep more to the right.
After about 7 minutes, the Boo Hoff trail is on the right.

Hike up the Boo Hoff trail, short climb, until it levels off and goes down into the Lost Canyon Wash.
Cross the wash and climbing more steeply.

At the highest point, follow the trail downhill, to the North.
It doesn't matter much what trail/road you take.
We went more to the right.
In the main sandy wash, keep more to the right and follow the bend into the return canyon.

This canyon is above the water tanks you see below and in the bend you see another one, just above.

The Cove to Lake trail is well marked, follow it East.
As you are closer to the lake, keep right, cross the road and hike in the wash towards the car.

The pictures

Warning: Try to hike below 70F, it will be a hard hike otherwise.
We hiked end February 2012, sunny 62F, just right.

How to get there:

Drive 58 Avenue West, just before the entrance of the Quarry Golf Club, turn left on a dirt road that is marked as trail.
Park roadside just before you enter on the dirt road (right side).
Or drive in the dirt road and park.





Boo Hoff

Boo Hoff

Cross Wash

Cross Wash

In Wash L

In Wash and left



X Right 1


X Right 2

X Right 2

Cove to L

Cove to Lake

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  • Foto di Problema

    Problema 6-ago-2013

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    Did this just the other day for terrain and climate training for a hike in Death Valley.

  • Foto di Port flora

    Port flora 9-dic-2019

    Ho seguito questo percorso  verificato  Vedi altro

    We enjoyed the hike, it has a good climb to it which gives you nice views of the surrounding area. Our hike was in the reverse direction and we paid to park at the local park (it would be free if you start where efmer suggests).

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