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vicino Caeté Açu, Bahia (Brazil)

This trail leads from Bomba, close to Capão/Caeté-Açu, to Mucugê, south of the Chapada Diamantina National Park.
On day one, I walked south from Bomba (I hitched a ride from Capão), entered the Pati valley at 'Cume', climbed up and down Morro do Castelo (leaving my backpack at the foot of the mountain), and camped at Prefeitura.
On day two, I visited the Cachoeirão, first from below (again leaving my backpack at the beginning of the trail leading there) and -after climbing the 'Fenda'- from above. I then passed the 'toca do gavião' and walked the long but easy to navigate end to Mucugê.

I followed the following GPS trails:

Following another wikiloc GPS trail I had no difficulties navigating. There are

-trail marked as difficult for distance, and time.
-navigation moderately difficult. I did it with a wikiloc GPS track, and also had a paper map of the region that I bought for 20 reais in Lençóis. With those, contracting a local guide is not necessary, given you have adequate experience.
-the trails are generally quite clear. Only having passed the Fenda up to Cachoeirão I had some difficulties, owing to the rocky surface there, where basically everything could be a trail, and my GPS seemed upset.
-track done alone. I had walked up to Capão with a friend and trusted myself not to get lost, but it is always recommended to go with more than 1.
-except for the trail to Mucugê, there were plenty of other hikers. On day 1 I encountered 6 parties, on day 2 another 3.
-I had 2,5 L of water bottles on me. There are enough water points along the route, but the various streams along the path to Mucugê are weaker and the water tasted and looked less clean.


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