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  • Foto di This is the Blue Lagoon 5
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Tempo in movimento  46 minuti

Tempo  50 minuti

Coordinate 2640

Caricato 5 aprile 2019

Recorded aprile 2019

341 m
224 m
25,06 km

Visto 50 volte, scaricato 2 volte

vicino Ban Nampè, Vientiane Province (Laotia)

Blue lagoon 5

A return ride from Blue Lagoon 5 all the way back to Vang Vieng.
I got lost on the way since a slight detour. In any case allow 45 minutes for this trip is you are riding non stop and rather fast.
Expect some bulls, cows and snaked on the way. Literally on the way: blocking your way.
There was a tuk tuk with bunch of kids in front of me at one point. Driver stopped on the way to kill a 3m long snake that was crossing the road in front of us.

This is the Blue Lagoon 5

Doesn't look spectacular, from the car park, but actually it is quite nice, quiet and spacious. Not many people come here which makes it actually a very relaxing spot compared to the super overcrowded Blue Lagoon 1.

Blue Lagoon 5 entrance sign


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