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vicino a Forest Ranger, Province of KwaZulu-Natal (Republic of South Africa)

One of the most beautiful trails leaving from Champagne Castle Hotel, leading up to the foot of Cathkin Peak.

The trail takes you past Crystal Falls (fill up with water here), along to the Sphinx, and then up to the contour path and Breakfast Stream (the last water stop before Blindman's Corner). From there it's mostly flat, with the most incredible scenery. To your left you'll see the mountains of Lesotho, as you walk towards Cathkin Peak, Sterkhorn and Champange Castle in the background.

Blindman's Corner is the T-Junction and is clearly marked.

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  • Foto di Barrie Bramley

    Barrie Bramley 24-giu-2019

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    I love love love this walk. It's one of the most beautiful in the area. When you get up to Breakfast Stream, and begin to walk on the Contour Path, the views and incredible. Whenever we visit the area I always do my best to ft whomever I'm with to join me

  • Foto di JacoErasmus

    JacoErasmus 17-lug-2019

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    Absolutely amazing! Will be going back ASAP to do this one again!

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