423 m
340 m
8,57 km

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vicino a Cassano delle Murge, Puglia (Italia)

Nome: 2012-11-18 09:07

Orario inizio: 11/18/2012 09:07

Orario fine: 11/18/2012 12:17

Distanza: 8,5 km (03:05)

Tempo movimento: 02:12

Media segmento attuale: 2,8 km/h

Media veloc. mov.: 3,9 km/h

Max. Velocità: 9 km/h

Altitudine minima: 339 m

Altitudine massima: 423 m

Velocità di salita: 94,3 m/h

Velocità di discesa: -95,1 m/h

Guadagno di elevazione: 86 m

Perdita di elevazione: -146 m

Tempo di salita: 00:55

Tempo di discesa: 01:32

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  • Foto di GerardNL

    GerardNL 20-ott-2014

    Hi. Thanks for the efforts, but what is so interesting about this trail? There is no description and no pictures published with it.

    As the Google Street View vehicle drove along most of the trail, it seems that pretty much all of it is on surfaced road through agricultural land.

    I'm always looking for a nice trail to hike but then it must be something I can't see in all over Apulia to justify driving here.

    So please add a description and some picture to make me want to hike your trail (or mark it otherwise private).

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