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989 m
42,71 km

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vicino Mogoditshane, Kweneng (Botswana)

A flattish run around the outskirts of the city with a part of the route going through the city centre. Run mostly on four lane roads. The only four hills on the route are the two railway bridges you have to climb each lap. The last km to the finish has a slight incline.The profile for this run is exaggerated. You can't even see the railway bridges.
Water stations every 2.5km. The marathon becomes a bit of a lonely affair once the half marathon runners turn off for their finish.
Not the most scenic run but if you wanted to sset a good time then this route would help. Your only major problem would be the weather. On the Saturday the temp went up to 36C but on the Sunday we were fortunate to have some cloud cover. At about 5am it was already 20C but even though it warmed up to about 30C the heat was still manageable. It would have been a different story if the clouds weren't overhead.


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