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Caricato 25 settembre 2017

Recorded settembre 2017

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74,23 km

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vicino Teíchio, Central Greece (Greece)

After running some marathons and then even 50k twice in Arcadia, next logical step was a 50mi/80k race. I have already planned such distance last winter in Pylion, but due to heavy snowfalls, it was shortened and my plans were postponed. Then I found this race that originally was in opposite direction Delfoi-Tihio and with lots of asphalt, so not too much interest from my side. But when it was announced it will be a full mountain/trail one, I was in. And so, not yet exactly 50mi, but very very close :-P

About the route:
First 18-19k of the race, from Tihio to Trikorfo peak, were actually reversed last Ks of the Tihio Wolf's race, a 50k organized by same guys in May. I lost that one due to injury so was double happy I ran some of the trails I missed in May. This was by far the best part of the race. Not because I was fresh :-P but because it's in nice deep forest, clear and soft ground paths, nice villages and great views.
From 19k to 34k, Trikorfo peak to Vraila village, it was mainly descent with only few tiny bumps of no more than 100m climb. But the landscape was drastically different. Forest was pretty much gone with only few short trees/bushes around and very very dry terrain. Paths became less visible and more difficult to run. We also passed through river canyon with technical sections (ropes, hiking with hands). All this being very nice adventure but also taking significant time and effort.
From Vraila, it was ~5k of a bit boring flats to Malandrino. Started to get very hot and there was no more shadow. Still the terrain was not 100% clear to run through, but rather just crossing random fields. From Malandrino it was just up! THE climb of the race. In no more than 2k route climbed 600m (that is a steady 30% climb for like almost an hour) to reach Kokkinari peak. Later it was mixed dirt road / path descent to Vouniochori, central station of the race, marking about 50k.
From Vouniochori, through Ag Ethymia to Portes, it was rather boring flats, but quite welcome after heavy climbing and fast descending. To be fair to the organizers, it was still done mostly on paths, so better than asphalt anyway :-D From Portes it was crazy technical descent to Sernikaki village. The grade was unbelievable, dropping 400m in no more than 1.5k.
Another station in Sernikaki and longer break before last 15k of the race, from which first 8 were completely flat going through olive gardens of Itea, and last 7 were continuous climb to Delfoi via ancient path Kirra-Delfoi. First part went surprisingly fast with paces close to 5'/k!! Second one with climb went also pretty solid, hiking most of bigger grades but also running smaller ones.
Overall, together with my friend we did the whole race together, we managed 11:07' giving us 2nd and 3rd place :-D a mere 1:50' behind the winner :-PP but also more than 30' before the next runner. Mostly due to my problems with legs from 40th to 60th k, I think we might have done it ~30' faster overall.

I mark it 'expert only' obviously for the distance, but even more so for technical terrain!


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