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vicino a Kripp, Rheinland-Pfalz (Deutschland)

This route takes you along the Rhine River between Linz am Rhein and Koblenz. It is a nice route with beautiful river views, castles, cityscapes, bridges and views overlooking the Rhine valley. Along the Rhine you generally take dedicated cycling paths, although near towns the cycling paths are generally mixed pedestrian/cyclist routes and you need to slow down. This track is suited for the racing bike. In Linz am Rhein, Weitersburg and Koblenz, the route includes climbing hills overlooking the Rhine valley. Both in Linz and Koblenz, these climbs are detours which could be skipped. At Weitersburg, there is an alternative without a climb. In Linz you need to take a ferry to cross the river (1,50 € fee March 2017). Some cycling paths on the river may be closed when the water is high. During my trip, river water already sloshed across the paths at a few places.
The route starts across the Rhine from Linz am Rhein, at a parking lot near the ferry in Remagen, which is the closest access point from the A61 motorway. You cross the river on the ferry and then cycle through town to the viewpoint at the Kaiserberg stadium. There is a steep stretch of 17% for 180 m (see waypoint) to get you warm. At the top you have a great view of Linz, Remagen and the Ahr valley. After having enjoyed the view you go back down to the river and follow the river on small roads and cycle paths until Ariendorf. Here you cross the B42 and the railway which were between you and the river from Linz. You cycle past Bad Hönningen and Rheinbrohl with a view of a hilltop castle on the west side of the river. In Rheinbrohl you pass below the railway again and cycle to Hammerstein. This village is surrounded by vineyards. At Leutesdorf you cycle next to the Rhine with a view of Andernach and possibly the Andernach Geysir at Namedyer Werth. From Leutesdorf past Feldkirchen to Irlich you take a cycle path along the B42. In Irlich you pass below the railway and take a cycle path along the river, past the castle park of Schloss Neuwied, and along the Deichanlage in Neuwied. You cycle through an industry park and away from the river on the Im Langendorfer Feld road. At the end of this road you get back to the river and a cycle path with asphalt deteriorated by tree roots along it. You cycle past Engers on the river, and then a bit away from it before you start the climb to Weitersburg. During the climb and just after starting the descent to Vallendar you have nice views across the Rhine valley. In Vallendar you make a short round on the island of Niederwerth. Back on the east bank you cycle on a cycling path close to the river to Koblenz, with nice views of Neuendorf, Koblenz, the Mosel ending up in the Rhine, and the Deutsches Eck with the statue of Kaiser Wilhelm. Just after passing beneath the cable car you go left to climb the steep hill (11 % for 900 m) to the Festung Ehrenbreitstein. This climb past fortified walls and views takes you to the entrance of the fortress. If you want to enter the fortress to have a magnificent view of the city you have to pay entrance (depending on the day and the time) and walk a short while. I could take my bicycle into the fortress. You can also skip the walking and go back 250 m and enjoy the less spectacular view just outside the gate. You go back down to where you left the river, follow it to the bridge crossing the Rhine to Kurfürstliches Schloß, and then cycle to the Deutsches Eck (beware of pedestrians). Before you cross the Mosel, you make a small detour through the city center. On cycling paths you then follow the Rhine back north to the Rheinhafen industrial area. You cycle around the harbor and then continue directly on the Rhine on cycling/pedestrian paths all the way past the nuclear power plant near Weißenthurm until you get to the Andernach industrial area. Again you cycle around the harbor to the river park in the town center. At the ‘Alter Krahnen’ building you leave the river on a cycle path beneath the viaduct of the B9 highway and continue through Namedy to Brohl. In Brohl you follow the cycling route, duck below the railroad, and continue to Rheineck where you take a winding path below the B9 road and along a stream to the river bank, which you then follow all the way back to the starting point, past Bad Breisig and the bridge across the mouth of the river Ahr.
In Linz, you can make the connection to another track I put on Wikiloc which takes you north to Bonn and back (http://nl.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/view.do?id= 8714703). You can find something to eat and drink in many places, with most choice in Koblenz.

A48 bridge

Bridge of the A48 motorway.


Here the Ahr river flows into the Rhine. A cycle/footbridge takes you across the side river estuary.


Town on the Rhine. Here the hills come close to the river, and you take a cycle path below the B9 highway.

Bad Breisig

Town on the Rhine with a good view of Bad Hönningen

Bad Hönningen

Town on the Rhine river. A little past the town you have a good view of the castle Burg Rheineck on the other side of the Rhine on a hill overlooking the river.

Bridge to Niederwerth

Bridge to the river island Niederwerth. You make a short circuit on the island before returning across the same bridge.

Burg Namedy

Castle in Namedy.

Climb to Ehrenbreitstein

Here your climb to Ehrenbreistein starts on a steep road (11 % for 900 m).

Climb to Weitersburg

Here your climb to Weitersburg starts. If you want to avoid the climb you have to cycle straight on.

Cyclepath across from Neuendorf

This cyclepath close to the river gives a good view of the church in Neuendorf, and later, the view of Koblenz, the mouth of the river Mosel and the cable car to Ehrenbreitstein is good.

Cyclepath across Wied

Cycle bridge across the Wied, a side river of the Rhine. A bit further you pass by Neuwied.

Cyclepath Neuendorf

Near Neuendorf you end up on a cyclepath close to the river.

Deteriorated cyclepath

This cyclepath has bad paving with tree roots uprooting the asphalt.

Deutsches Eck

The land in the corner between the Rhine and Mosel rivers with a large statue of the emperor Wilhelm is called 'Deutsches Eck'.

Ferry Remagen-Linz am Rhein

This car ferry takes you across the Rhine. Fee 1,50 € in March 2017. See http://www.rheinfaehre-linz-remagen.de/

Festung Ehrenbreitstein

The fortress Ehrenbreitstein. There is an entrance fee, and you have to walk in. The view is great. There is also a restaurant. See http://tor-zum-welterbe.de/

Festung Ehrenbreitstein - end of road

Here the climb to fortress Ehrenbreitstein ends at a gate (which might be open sometimes) and if you want to continue into the fortress you have to walk and climb a stairs with your bicycle. The views are great.

Koblenz center

I cycled a bit through the center with a.o. the Liebfrauenkirche and the center square Am Plan.
Building of interest

Kurfürstliches Schloß

Castle on the Rhine

Leutesdorf on the Rhine

Town on the river. On the other side you can see Andernach and possibly Andernach Geysir at Namedyer Wert.

Mosel bridge

The Balduinbrücke takes you across the Mosel.

Path below bridge

Here there is a path below the B9 beside a small river. The entrance is with a few 180 degree turns. The paved path takes you to the cycle path on the Rhine.

Railbridge view

View of the railway bridge.

Rhine bridge

Bridge in Koblenz across the Rhine.

Steep street

This steep street (17% for 180 m) starts your climb to the Kaiserberg.

Turn-off for climb to Ehrenbreitstein

Here you leave the cycling path on the river if you want to climb to Ehrenbreitstein. After the climb you return here.

Viewpoint Am Kaiserberg

Viewpoint at a football stadium above Linz am Rhein

Viewpoint outside gate

View of Koblenz just outside the gate to the fortress.

Viewpoint Weitersburg

Here on the viaduct you have a great view of the Rhine valley.

Vineyards around Hammerstein

Around Hammerstein you find a lot of vineyards.


Village on the Rhine with a view of the nuclear power plant, and a bridge to Neuwied.


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