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vicino a South Slope, British Columbia (Canada)

Most of the track is an official Burnaby 'Urban Trail' to be shared with pedestrians, joggers and in-line skaters. However, in times of Covid-19 walkers have greatly increased and so bicycles must make allowances. Update:

April 17, 2021 - New sections of the rail have now been completed. These segments increase width and change some dirt sections to smooth pavement.

Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park, Main Parking

Parking area, lots of street parking, well serviced washrooms, playground. Picnic tables and benches along the riverside walking path.


Crossing one of the many muddy soughs running from Burnaby into the River. There is lots of waterfowl and songbird activity in these areas. Tall cottonwood trees along the river bank shed profusely in the spring and host abundant bird activity.
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Captain's Chair viewing platform

Bird sightings common here; kingfisher, bald eagle, heron, waterfowl, songbirds
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New Trails under construction

The river trails are being upgraded and in some places shifted to new routes to avoid flooding at spring runoff with high tide. Constructions is continuing in July 2020. Currently some paved road detours are needed to get around these constructions zones.

Secondary parking and pavilion

There are usually available spaces at this secondary parking area, however, there are no toilets here. Overhanging trees may shed sap at some times of the year. There has been an increase in birdwatchers with long lenses along here in recent years.
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New trail under construction

An example of the wide new paved trails being built. There is a poster on the industrial history of this section of the riverbank.

Inspection of log booms

Scenes along a working forest industry river.

Patio at River District

This is the centre of a new community under construction. Food and drink available, coffeeshop. Good rest or meeting area with shaded tables, lots of benches. Lots of parking beside or under the grocery store.

Romer's Pier and Patio

A hamburger restaurant by the river with deck seating. A long pier extends out into the river, with benches at the end. The pier end is currently popular with Cantonese anglers.


At a smaller pier a short distance to the west of Romer's.

Kent Bicycle Path

Part of the official Burnaby bicycle path network.

Along Kent bicycle path

Local residents maintain gardens along this section of the bicycle/walking path. The adjacent street is not busy and is also an official bicycle path.

Beaver activity

A dammed up slough here appears to be an active beaver area

River access

proceeding east from the main parking area

Railway Bridge

A vintage railway bridge, still in use.

Gravel path terminus

The section of medium gravel ends here at a slough and pumping station. A few chairs are set out along the shaded river bank. The river here is close enough to the ocean to develop a large tidal range.
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Raptor sighting area.


Another slough flowing into the Fraser River.

River view benches

Newly constructed trail sections, medium gravel, not yet paved. Nice new benches with river views.
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Current Riverside Trail Terminus

End of new trail construction (July 2020)


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