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vicino a Castiglion Fibocchi, Toscana (Italia)

Friday, February 13th At 8.40am we leave. The sky promises good weather so we begin our journey. Soon we turn onto the highway but already at 11 o'clock we make a stop for a good coffee. In fact the sky is clear, the sun is shining and it's hot, the highway passes close to Lake Massaciuccoli then we deviate to go towards the French border. Before crossing the border in Ventimiglia we stop for lunch and, with skype we exchange two words with our children. After the tunnels that lead us to France the sky becomes gloomy, the weather changes, it threatens to rain. In fact, in the descent that leads to Monaco it starts to rain, first floor then always stronger enough to make us stop. Calmly, even if late in the roadmap, we arrive in Brignoles where we stop for the night. It is already dark but other French campers are arriving, who first do loading and unloading operations and then settle down next to us. It rains all night. Saturday, February 14th At 5 am we are awakened by a great commotion. A truck - which supplies the supermarket - is unloading the goods and the platforms are first dragged into the truck and then lifted by a small forklift making a deafening noise… .but so we are on vacation and they are at work. At 9 o'clock, it finally stopped raining, we set off for Le Boulou. Let's do a few kilometers when we see before us a big cloud as black as coal, we don't have time to think anything that here is beginning to hail. It falls so much and violently that we see ourselves forced to leave the highway and look for shelter under a bridge where we see that, like us, at least 20 other cars have taken refuge in this place. We are waiting for over 20 minutes before this deadly hailstorm ends, then when it turns into water we decide to leave. The road is now literally covered by a frozen white layer, we, like the other cars, proceed at a crawl. Slowly everything returns to normal; when we arrive near Arles, a shy sun invites us to continue our journey more quickly. Finally, it is 17.30, we arrive at the car park of Le Boulou where there are still 3 places (downhill), after settled in, here come other campers. HERE the diaries of Morocco: http://viagginmarocco.blogspot.it/


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