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vicino a Eminönü, İstanbul (Türkiye Cumhuriyeti)

A full day tour , a glimpse of greatness of Eastern Roman empire in today Istanbul .
there is 3 must see location in Istanbul which is belongs to UNESCO world heritage .

roman istanbul

roman istanbul
near Eminönü, İstanbul (Türkiye Cumhuriyeti) by moo_hj
Elevation Profile
Trail distance: 2.49 mi. - 4 km.

Elevation min: 5 meters max: 62 meters
Uphill: 56 meters down: 57 meters
Type: Loop
Have glimpse of the greatness of the Eastern Roman empire in today Istanbul .

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obelisk of Theodosius or Egyptian

obelisk of Theodosius or Egyptian.It is also called Dikilitas in Turkish . It is originally was built in 357 for great temple of karnak in Egypt .

Sirkechi station

Sirkechi station is best start point to see and feel Istanbul . it is located near to Eminuno station too .
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Basilica Cistern

Basilica Cistern is the best Example of the technological and architectural advantancment of Byzantine empire. It is connected to 250 Km long chain of aqueducts and storing about 80000 Cubic meteers of water .
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Hipodorm or Serprntine column

Hipodorm or Serprntine column
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walled obelisk

walled obelisk , it is 32 m height . it was decorated with glide bronze plaque which has been stolen .

Boukoleon Palace

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Archaeology Museum

Archaeology Museum it is consist of 3 museum . It is the house of remarkable objects and collections . It is open from 9 am till 5 San- Tue . at least take 3 hours .and have Audio-guide .
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Hagia Sopha

Hagia Sopha or Holy wisdom museum , but it was orthodox basilica then mosque .UNESCO declared it world heritage in 1985 . one of the must see locations . at least take 3 hours and there are Audio-guide available in 8 Languages.
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Aya Irene

aya Irene , it is Eastern Orthodox Church .it was build during 4th century .



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