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vicino a Hastings, Christ Church (Barbados)

This walking trail starts at Hastings Rocks located along the Hastings Main Road at 13.07452°N and -59.59911°W. I walked along the boardwalk heading south west. This is not a long boardwalk but it skirts along the beach for a short distance in either direction. I continued walking along the beach after the boardwalk ended past Sugar Bay Hotel Barbados and along Drill Hall Beach. I walked along to Needhams Point. Unfortunately the lighthouse and Fort Needham is located on the grounds of Hilton Barbados Limited. There’s usually not much of an issue to visit these sights. The old fortification is worth having a look at. It’s extremely picturesque and offers exceptional views of Pebbles Beach and Brownes Beach as well as Bridgetown. The old fortification is located at 13.07860°N and -59.61276°W. From here I continued walking along Aquatic Gap past the Radisson Aquatica Barbados Resort. If you’re in the area you might consider stopping into Cuzz’s Fish Stand at 13.08024°N and -59.60938°W and trying the fish cutters. They’re quite good and it’s better with a couple of the local beers. I exited at the junction of Highway 7 and Aquatic Gap at 13.08228°N and -59.60783°W heading south east. I turned onto Garrison Road located at 13.07855°N and -59.60567°W to do the Garrison Savannah. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an absolute must see and do. I did the loop around the Garrison and then continued along Dalkeith Road at 13.08319°N and -59.60295°W then turned left onto Chelsea Road at 13.08429°N and -59.60227°W. I followed this historic path out to Highway 7 at 13.08685°N and -59.60789°W. I walked along Highway 7 back to the Garrison Road at 13.07962°N and -59.60678°W and followed on there until George Washington House at 13.08163°N and -59.60601°W. I exited the Garrison Historic Area and walked back to the starting point along the Highway 7. The alternative would have been to walk along the boardwalk again. This might be the better option because the road is quite narrow and devoid of sidewalks along most places.
Happy Trails.

Starting Point

This waypoint marks the starting point of the trek at Hastings Rocks.

Boardwalk Ends

This waypoint marks the end of the wooded section of the boardwalk. From this point heading west is beach sand.

Needhams Point

The waypoint marks Needhams Point.

Fort Needham

This waypoint sits at Fort Needham.

Pebbles Beach

This waypoint sits at Pebbles Beach.
Sito Patrimonio Mondiale

The Garrison Savannah

This waypoint sits at the start of the Garrison Savannah loop. This area is a UNESCO World Hertitage Site.

The Barbados Museum

This waypoint sits at the entrance to the Barbados Museum.
Sito Patrimonio Mondiale

Chelsea Road

This waypoint sits at the start of the historic Chelsea Road.
Sito Patrimonio Mondiale

George Washington House

This waypoint sits at the front of George Washington House within the UNESCO World Heritage Area of the Barbados Garrison.

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    I did this walk and I would do it again and recommend it to anyone interested in exploring all that this UNESCO World Heritage Area has to offer. It's amazing.

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