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vicino a Yongho-dong, South Gyeongsang (South Korea)

Tongyeong International Music Festival, a Mecca of classical music in Asia has begun its history passing through the preparatory phase of Tongyeong Contemporary Music Festival in 2000 and 2001.
From five to eight, he studied Chinese literature in a village schoolhouse and went to Tongyeong public school where European educational system was applied, when he was eight years old. At this school, he started to get exposed to new culture. Especially European songs with precise scale taught at the school attracted him. He was very talented in music from the early age showing great ability in reading music and singing along the organ accompaniment. Chants, which he used to sing at the church nearby his home, were one of early experiences of western music. At 13, he learned violin and guitar and started writing melodies. These melodies were arranged and played at small concerts in a movie theater in between movies without him knowing it, and accidentally he found about this and made him dream to be a composer.

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