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vicino Ye-ngan, Shan (Myanmar [Burma])

I started late due to a mechanical problem that was solved asking for some nuts and washers by a bike repair downtown.

With some remembrance of the morning coffee I started the small climb of the day, really nothing to mention. At the topmost point you start to guess what is hidden at the north face: a very fast descent of tens of kilometer till Myogyi. The views are awesome as you lose some 1400m of altitude. The road winds over the mountains and the ride down is pure fun. Unluckily, I suffered a strong north wind that was most unpleasant.

From Myogyi you keep altitude and follow the riverside to the main road to Mandalay. In Kyaukse, a gentle guy repairing motorbikes found a screw exactly the same as one fixing a cleat that I had lost during the descent.

Due to the strong north wind I did some twenty km behind a tuktuk carrying two small cows. The arrival to Mandalay, as always, was chaotic with noisy and heavy traffic.

Mandalay, obviously, has a lot of accommodations and places to eat. As it really worth some sightseeing, I took the following day off to walk around.


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