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vicino a Top Rock, Christ Church (Barbados)

This driving trail starts at Agave Drive and Graeme Hall Road at 13.07463°N and -59.56808°W. Proceed heading 258° along Graeme Hall Road. Turn left heading 172° at 13.07420°N and -59.56806°W. This leads onto Highway 7 at 13.07072°N and -59.56671°W. Continue heading 279° along Highway 7 through Worthing and Hastings. Turn heading 291° at 13.08715°N and -59.60085°W. Then turn heading 343° at 13.08103°N and -59.60100°W. Then turn heading 347° at 13.10051°N and -59.60093°W at the Nita Barrow Roundabout. Then turn heading 325° at 13.10205°N and -59.60149°W. Then turn heading 44° at 13.10235°N and -59.60692°W. Continue heading 306° at 13.10794°N and -59.60571°W. Continue heading 303° at 13.11020°N and -59.61098°W. Continue heading 300° at 13.11323°N and -59.61453°W. Continue heading 319° at 13.11860°N and -59.61913°W. Continue around the Sir Frank Worrell Roundabout heading 6° at 13.13111°N and -59.63310°W. This leads directly to the historic town of Holetown located at 13.18465°N and -59.63820°W. This is where Barbados as we know it today was born in 1629. While in Holetown be sure to visit the Chatell Village located at 13.18416°N and -59.63817°W.
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Starting Point.

This is the starting point of the trail....

Highway 7.

This is the junction at Highway 7....


This waypoint is located in Historic Holetown...

Chattel Village.

This waypoint is located in the Chattel Village...

Accra Beach.

This waypoint is located along Accra Beach...

St. Lawrence Gap.

This waypoint is located at the start of St Lawrence Gap...

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    Trini Hiker 17-ago-2016

    Very Nice Trail.

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    Very Nice Trail.

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