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vicino Base Reyna, Colima (Mexico)

Starting from the Colima Toll Road we ascend to Terrero via the highway to Minantitlán. This is now paved with two parallel strips of concrete all the way up. We then return to Colima via Campo 4. This part is only partly paved, but was in fine shape when I went there in September of 2019. Be sure you have brakes in great condition and are able to put your car in low or first gear for the descent. As you go up and down, you will pass through 5 ecosystems!
rifugio custodito


Rustic Cabins. Imagine you are camping and bring along everything from water to flashlights.

Mirador del Filete

Lookout point from which you can sometimes see the Pacific Ocean.

Hanging Bridge

Hanging Bridge Bolsa de Queso above a typical doline (funnel-like hole often with a vertical cave pit at the bottom).

Restaurant Economico Mari

There is no sign, but this is a great restaurant. The cook María Engracia Pedraza Orozco is a prize-winning cook in Colima.

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    This will get you to and from Terrero. To visit the interesting places in the area, ask for a local guide!

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