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vicino a Chile Chico, Aisén (Chile)

In addition to inspiring geography, one of the best kept secrets of Lago Jeinimeni National Reserve is its important archaeological registry. Evidence has shown that the Jeinimeni plains were frequented ancient groups of hunter - gatherers who moved through the sectors near Chile Chico, Chile, and Los Antiguos, Argentina. Without the modern-day concepts of “borders”; for these ancient groups, Patagonia was a single area and very different from today.

Las Horquetas River

Las Horquetas River

Jeinimeni River

Jeinimeni River

Reserva Nacional lago Jeinimeni

Reserva Nacional lago Jeinimeni
Sito archeologico

Cave of the Hands

Your first major indication of nomadic presence along the trail is the Cave of the Hands (Cueva de Las Manos), along the left side in the Pedregoso Stream sector. The cave consists of a rock wall positioned under an overhang with rock art paintings. Unfortunately, the paintings are not in good condition, as a result of vandalism that has occurred in recent decades. The manifestations are characteristic of the style of rock art called Patagonica, and is the most ancient of all South America’s identified styles. The most well-known representations of the Patagonica style are hands, guanacos and abstract geometric symbols, called grecas. The basic features and style of these paintings has remained unchanged for millennia. Dr. Mena has shared that some of the paintings on the walls of the Cave of the Hands indicate a human presence in the area, approximately eight thousand years ago, although there have been no carbon-dating studies to date. He adds that based on research conducted in nearby sectors, it is not unlikely that men and women first hiked among these landscapes, ten thousand or more years ago.
Sito archeologico

Piedra Enclavada

The trail continues toward the west for approximately one km, where you see a huge stone totem sticking out of the ground, as if a giant had come along and driven it into the ground. This mysterious Rock Tower is called the "Piedra Enclavada", an enormous and solitary volcanic rock, well-polished by the strong winds that blow through this area of the pampa, giving it a curious form that is a monumental 40 meters high and three meters in diameter.

Valley of the Moon Sector

As you make your descent, you'll encounter the strange Valley of the Moon Sector, which is named for the white color of the rocks that appear similar to the surface of the moon. From here, strong winds will accompany you on the rest of the loop, a fitting backdrop for one of the loneliest and most secluded panoramas in the region of Aysén.


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