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vicino a Xitou, Jilin (China)

The Yalu River can be reached on a modern highway by heading SE from Baishan in SE Jilin Province. On reaching the river turn north for a very scenic drive. This track starts on the River Road at the first police security checkpoint and continues to the entrance of Wàng Tiān'é (Hope Swan) Park. There is a separate Wikiloc track for Wàng Tiān'é (Hope Swan). Autumn colours were at their peak, but unfortunately the day was overcast with occasional rain.

The border between PRC and North Korea runs along the Yalu River. Security checkpoints may be expected on any roads near the border area, where delays may occur for foreigners. For this reason it is suggested that foreigners should travel with supportive Mandarin speaking China Nationals. Track recording in the area can utilize the free Wikiloc Jilin Province Map download.

Recorded on October 4, 2019.

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The small city of Baishan is convenient as an overnight stop before driving to the Yalu River Road.The first part of the journey from Baishan is omitted from this track. the track starts a short distance after turning north on the Yalu River Highway.

Yalu River 01

The road follows close along the PRC side of the winding Yalu River. The opposite side appears to be more remote from major infrastructure and has more agriculture. There is tight security along the border areas.

Yalu River 02


Yalu River 03

In early October the autumn colours were at their prime on the steep hillsides above the highway (Oct 4, 2019).

Yalu River 04


Tobacco Farms and market 1

Enter a small village with market stalls set up along the highway. It is possible to sample the local tobacco in hand made cigarettes. There are four grades on offer plus whole leaf packages. Simple street food can be found. Also local honey, various types of tree fungus, and other exotic items.

Tobacco Farms and market 2


Yalu River 05

Beautiful white horses graze along the riverside on the far shore (definitely not work horses).


Occasional small villages straddle the highway

Highway rest station

Parking, WC, food.

Yalu River 07

No cars, roads or powerlines evident in remote farm villages across River, no mechanical equipment seen in small fields at harvest time.

Village, sorghum fields

Passing another small village flanked by sorghum fields.

Yalu River 08

A highway pull out here provides convenient views to the SE

rock slide areas

The highway gains elevation to pass through rock slide areas. Tunnels and rock sheds.


Pass another small village. Caution: congestion from unlicensed farm vehicles during harvest. They frequently are unable or unwilling to stop and look when entering highway.

Turn off towards Wàng Tiān'é (Hope Swan) Park

The track leaves the river here and continues NW to one of the major attractions of the area, the turning of autumn leaves at Wàng Tiān'é. A petrol station is located along the river shortly before the turn off.

Wàng Tiān'é (Hope Swan), Jilin Province, PRC

Wàng Tiān'é (Hope Swan) Park, Main Parking Lot. There is a separate Wikiloc track for the park, which is renowned for the red maple leaves of the lower canopy and also for geological features, such as columnar basalt flows.


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