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vicino Lakelse Lake, British Columbia (Canada)

The start of this trail is 7km up the Williams Creek FSR. You can drive half of this route on the old logging road in a SUV/4x4, but at the end of the road is quad only, I think the trail gets too tight for a SxS.
This is one of the hardest trails I've done, especially physically, on the way back where you have to climb some steep hills that are mostly big roots so you need to lean forward and keep your momentum otherwise you'll have to either winch forward or take another run at it.
You can get around 90% of the pits which I suggest because I under estimated 2 very small pits and I was stuck in 3 feet deep of mud.
7km start on right
Same river
Water on road
Culvert washed away
Mountain snow melt
Start to cabin ahead
Swallow your quad
Soooo deep
All bad news - pits
Never ending pits
So close - hardest part
Made it!!!
Cabin inside
Another trail This is on a corner and looks like it is well used, I have not taken this trail yet, but I do not believe this will take you to the cabin. There is one of those stupid signs that say you will get fined if you ATV on crown land, but if you want to log the fuck out of it fly at'er.... maybe the last part about logging isn't on there, but I think you see my point.

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    It's Cool

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    Warren Wilson 3-lug-2019

    This is an example of the very worst outdoors ethic. That was a lovely little delicate wetlands and it is now a rutted, muddy bog with drainage ruined by irresponsible pistonheads. I walked it for years, making my way along the old trapper's trail -- now it is almost impassable on foot. And the ignorant fools who quad there ignore the signage that clearly prohibits motorized vehicles.

    Little could do more to provoke restrictive regulations than this wanton destruction of delicate environments. Shame on you. If you cared at all about either the motorsport or the environment you would do everything possible to eliminate such excesses. Shame on you.

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    C Reibin 9-lug-2019

    Did you write a letter to the logging company that cleared all the trees and filled in the bogs to create the road that leads up to where you started walking this trail Warren?

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    Warren Wilson 10-lug-2019

    They do lots of damage logging. I have seen terrible practices, particularly in the old days when they would skid right down creeks, leave no riparian borders, do oil changes right on the landing, pour the oil into the soil and toss the filter into the bush. They would build road through soft ground and log it in the summer. (Now they complain like crazy about the restrictive regulations).

    But in the midst of that destruction they had set aside this beautiful little wetlands to protect. Over the years they put lots of blocks on that side valley, and sometimes the trailhead was difficult to locate. But the logging respected that lovely little wetland. Others have demonstrated no such respect for the delicacy and variety found in such places -- maybe because they were never taught about nature and can only find pleasure in ripping up muddy places with power toys. They cannot be blamed for their ignorance -- but they can be educated.

    I see you have shared a tremendous amount of information here and in Google Earth. That is admirable and for the most part you don't seem to be encouraging the thoughtless destruction of the soft ground in the wetlands and on the alpine. You clearly wish to share the pleasure you take in the outdoors. As you know, there are many many kilometers of muddy old roads -- between Whitebottom and the Thunderbird, along the powerlines, up the West Kalum, out towards the Wedeene. There is no lack of mud to play in. There is no need to wreck special places.

    If you enjoy nature and the environment and have respect for the delicate land, you will not advertise access to the thoughtless pistonheads who are entirely insensitive to nature and can only take pleasure in burning gas at high RPMs.

    You seem like a responsible man, but even if an appeal to your personal ethics fails to influence you to remove this trail, think practically: I believe the fine for violating this particular law can reach $10,000.

    The reason it is signed (here and elsewhere) is that in an earlier court case the Ministry of the Environment lost only because they failed to prove the violator had been advised of the status of the area. In this post you are providing abundant proof that you are perfectly aware of the law, the status of the area and are not only willfully violating the law, but encouraging others to do so as well. I doubt the judge would consider your outrage about logging to be pertinent to the case.

    Self interest would seem to indicate that deletion is prudent. Try to think of me as helpful. : )

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