2.173 m
1.316 m
5,67 km

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vicino Piano dei Resinelli, Lombardia (Italia)

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4 commenti

  • Foto di Forest

    Forest 21-feb-2008

    Hi there, is climbing gear needed for this hike?

    btw: he Google Earth view of this track is really cool!

    Many Thanks

  • Foto di willylorbo

    willylorbo 22-feb-2008

    Hi Forest! No climbing gear is needed for this track but if you want to make an harder hiking you can find many other climbing way to the top.

    Thank you for your comment!

  • aga_elka 17-mag-2012

    Hi! So I need there just my trekking shoes?

  • Foto di willylorbo

    willylorbo 18-mag-2012

    sure! enjoy!

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