Tempo in movimento  2 ore 15 minuti

Tempo  2 ore 28 minuti

Coordinate 6748

Caricato 24 febbraio 2019

Recorded febbraio 2019

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35 m
-3 m
63,22 km

Visto 808 volte, scaricato 60 volte

vicino Visdonk, Noord-Brabant (Nederland)

Ongeveer 60% onverhard
Droog weer ook voor SUV
Bij regen grote stukken uitdagend
Nog steeds heel droog

4 commenti

  • Redwan 24-apr-2019

    I have followed this trail  verificato  View more

    De eerste twee routes zijn verboden voor andere voertuigen behalve bestemmingsverkeer.

  • Foto di ppsyka

    ppsyka 5-mag-2019

    Route is oke...but not HARD, this would be a easy to moderate route. First access points are forbidden for cars...rest of the route is quite boring. Would be perfect with A LOT OF RAIN 🤣

  • Foto di Kevin nissan navara D40

    Kevin nissan navara D40 5-mag-2019

    I have followed this trail  verificato  View more

    Mooie natuur in de route , zeker niet moeilijk

  • ton.kuijt 12-set-2019

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Moderate difficulty because I've done it by motorcycle and to those standards everything is a bit easier than with a 4x4. Very scenic route, the beginning is a bit more paved than the end but don't let that put you off! Forest, country roads, gravel, sand, and the occasional tarmac stretch for connections.
    I can not comment on the legal state of the roads because I did not pay close enough attention.

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